Victor Herbert Renaissance project LIVE!
April 30-May 1, 2019
Christ and St. Stephen’s Church, New York, NY

Directed by Alyce Mott
Conducted by Michael Thomas
Featuring the New Victor Herbert Orchestra

Soprano Claire Leyden has a remarkable voice and charming onstage presence that made her performance of the lead role a true delight.
— Meche Kroop, Voce di Meche


“Leyden and Demetrie had given a tantalizing preview of a couple of the “Sweethearts” numbers at February’s lovely Valentine’s Day concert, and lived up to what they presented then. Leyden had the most stage time, scoring with the popular title song, the twinkly “Mother Goose,” the teasing “In the Convent They Never Taught Me That,” and the soulful “Angelus, singing with lovely tone and incisive delivery of the text. Herbert specifically tailored the part for the popular Christie MacDonald, and I can’t help thinking he’d surely have been pleased with Leyden’s assumption of the role.”

- Harry Forbes

“Ms. Leyden's gorgeous voice maximized the impact of "The Angelus", a tender prayer for guidance. When Prince Franz joins her you just know things will work out for them in the end.”

- Voce Di meche