victor herbert renaissance project live!
April 24-25, 2018
Christ and St. Stephen’s Church, New York, NY

Directed by Alyce Mott
Conducted by Michael Thomas
Featuring the New Victor Herbert Orchestra

“The production was well cast across the board, but Leyden was perfection in the title role. She had the voice, the grace, the poise, the beauty and sensitivity to carry off the part, while being utterly convincing as a woman worthy of a king giving up his throne. In the sequence that first introduces the show’s big tune, “To the Land of My Own Romance,” her ravishing singing and that of the ensemble made for a heart-stoppingly gorgeous moment. Elsewhere, her renditions of the rueful “The Goldfish Song” and “All Your Own Am I” were delivered with equally outstanding vocalism and feeling.”

Harry Forbes

“Five princesses are vying for the Prince's attention. Pardon our rambling association but we thought we had wandered into Act II of Swan Lake! And then "Odette" appears in the person of the beautiful and sought-after Vivien, sung by the beautiful and sought-after Claire Leyden, who has a magnetic stage presence and a crystalline soprano with an appealing vibrato. She captures the heart of the fickle prince. And the hearts of the audience as well… Ms. Leyden brought charm and freshness, as well as a stunning voice, to the production.”

— Meche Kroop, VOCE DI MECHE